Our solid-phase synthesis approach provides outstanding quality and purity for oligos with 200 bases or fewer. With our 100% US-based primary supply chain, we have shipped in six weeks or less every single order since January 2022.

TIP: for oligos of 80 bases or fewer, 25mg is usually at least 1 umol of material


Our team uses in-house-developed synthesizers to produce your DNA faster and with higher initial purity than the competition, even for complex sequences with poly-base strings or unusually high or low GC content. We also specialize in modified DNA, from probes to spacers to inverted bases. 


Our synthesis team has deep expertise synthesizing both unmodified and modified RNA. Some modifications we work with most frequently include:

  • *2’F
  • *2’OMe
  • *2’MOE


From fluorescent probes to PTO or LNA backbones to bioorthogonal reactive sites, we have experience with a diverse range of modifications for applications throughout therapeutics, diagnostics, functional genomics, NGS, qPCR, and synthetic biology.

We’ve synthesized oligos with almost every modification.
For more information on our exotic modifications, click here.

Our third-generation in-house built solid-phase oligo synthesizer runs twice as fast as commercially-available synthesizers, provides outstanding initial purity, and is designed to work most efficiently at scale.

Our purification team uses several industry approved purifications via HPLC – both reverse-phase and ion-exchange. We also can develop in-house options per customer requirement to maximize yield and purity needs. Our standard purity delivered is 85%+ as measured by HPLC, but we can comfortably provide purities of 90%+, 95%+, or higher as needed.

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