About Us

We Deliver Performance and Quality Oligos at Scale

Oligo Factory is located in Metrowest Boston in Holliston, Massachusetts.

It was founded in 2006 by individuals with expertise in oligo synthesis technology as well as the oligo service business. The company’s goal was and is to provide oligonucleotide, high-quality purified DNA and RNA, at medium- to large-scale quantities to the research and life science communities.

The Oligo Factory team is made up of skilled chromatographers, synthesis chemists, instrumentation engineers and commercialization specialists with more than 60 yrs of combined experience. We pride ourselves on service, cost-effective product delivery and attention to detail bc that’s what our customers need and deserve. 

We continue to invest in technology and people to serve the growing demands of scientific discoveries. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality oligonucleotides that drive a better future for humankind.

70 Bartzak Dr, Unit 1
Holliston, MA 01746

Phone Number:
(508) 275-3561