About Us

Scaling life-changing innovations


At Oligo Factory, we create the highest quality oligonucleotides to drive the next generation of therapies and life science tools, resulting in a healthier, more sustainable future.

Leading life science tools companies and therapeutics manufacturers trust Oligo Factory to create oligos that power their products and scientific breakthroughs. 

Our team includes skilled chromatographers, synthesis chemists, instrumentation engineers and commercialization specialists with more than 60 years of combined experience all dedicated to creating high-quality oligos and providing individualized service for every customer.

The Values That Drive Us

Our values are at the core of everything we do, resulting in better performance, a healthy work culture, and happy customers.


Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring you have a seamless and enjoyable experience every step of the way.


Quality & Compliance

Rest easy knowing that our commitment to quality and rigorous regulatory compliance standards guarantees the utmost reliability in our oligos.


Innovation & Efficiency

Our relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency fuels our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that maximize productivity and minimize turnaround time.


Environmental Responsibility

We’re dedicated to environmental responsibility, making eco-conscious choices to minimize waste and protect our planet for future generations.


Employee Development

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We invest in their growth and engagement to foster a thriving and motivated team.

Capabilities Overview

In 2023, we opened our advanced oligo manufacturing facility and headquarters in Holliston, MA. The new facility substantially increases production capacity and enables us to meet growing customer demand for high quality oligonucleotides at scale.

Oligo Factory has invested in and expanded it capabilities, quality management and services to better serve our clinical and life sciences customers, including GMP-compliant contract manufacturing services. We are dedicated to providing high-quality oligonucleotides that drive a better future for humankind.

Facility Features

13,000+ sq ft; 3x more lab space 

12x Oligo production capacity

10x purification & lyophilization capacity

GMP compliance (ICH Q7 GMP for APIs, ISO13485:2016, FDA Title 21 CFR 820)


We are proud to be supported by a small syndicate of investors, including BroadOak Capital Partners and Research Corporation Technologies.

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