Pure Science, Pure Results: Custom Oligo Purification.

Therapeutic and diagnostic applications often require gram to kilogram quantities of oligonucleotides with high purity. We work with our clients directly throughout planning, implementation, and delivery to ensure you receive exactly what you need at any scale. 

Purification is an essential step in synthetic oligonucleotide manufacturing to ensure maximum yield and purity levels. We primarily deploy the industry standard high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) to achieve high levels of purity and quantity.

Anion Exchange HPLC

The method of choice when separation by charge provides maximum separation, such as unmodified oligos. Large amounts of oligonucleotides with non-complex structures are easily purified by this method.

Reverse Phase HPLC

The method of choice when separation can be achieved by the relative hydrophobicity of the oligo. Synthetic oligonucleotides with the DMT group or modified oligonucleotides with dyes/biotin/cholesterol can be purified easily using this technique.


The “quick and easy” method for separating oligos as quickly as possible. While desalting does not provide the same level of purity as HPLC, it is available as an option when time is of the essence.

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