Oligo Factory is a leader in DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesis at scale. 

Competitive Advantages

Our Service and Products are built to serve all the DNA/RNA synthesis markets and applications. From synthetic biology to qPCR to functional genomics and therapeutics, we treat every custom product with ultimate care and attention to ensure results for your research or products.

Custom Oligo Expertise

Our world-class DNA synthesis experience and insight enables us to tackle ANY challenging synthesis or oligo product needs

Reproducible Quality

Our proprietary synthesis and purification systems deliver high-quality oligos at the purest levels available from your first research experiment to your production needs


We provide mass production of oligos with high purity from milligram to gram quantities at a price that allows your business to grow 

Excellent Technical and Customer Support

We believe in a partnership with all our customers at a project level – from custom design to unique purification needs and quality assessments. Our #1 driver is understanding your needs and desired results

Our Prices Are Better Because Our

Production is Higher

Expertise in Modified and Natural DNA/RNA Synthesis

Common Custom Oligos

  • Fully Phosphorothioated Oligonucleotides (PTO)
  • Modified RNA Oligonucleotides
  • Large Scale PCR Oligonucleotides
  • Antisense Oligonucleotides
  • Chimeric Oligonucleotides
  • Dual-labeled Probes
  • and many more…

Please inquire about other oligos and modifications not seen here.

Common Modifications (but not limited to):
2′-0Me RNA and 2′-Fluoro RNA
C6-Amino, C3-Amino
C18-Spacer, C9-Spacer, C3-Spacer
Cy3, Cy5, BHQ
5′ phosphate
5′-Biotin, 3′-Biotin, dT-Biotin
Inverted dT
**We’ve synthesized oligos with almost every modification. Please inquire.
Special Services
Aliquoting (by mass)
Endotoxin Testing
Other, please inquire

2022 Pricing Estimates

DNA (Unmodified)Price
25 mg$2,175
100 mg$2,375
250 mg$2,750
500 mg$3,135
1 Grams$4,380
5 Grams$10,200
10 Grams$19,080
100 Grams$178,190
Greater than 200 gPlease Inquire
Kilogram +Please Inquire
RNA (Unmodified)Price
25 mg$3,350
100 mg$5,225
250 mg$7,370
1 Grams$11,895
2 Grams$16,868
Greater than 2 gPlease Inquire

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