June 17th, 2021 Holliston, MA – Oligo Factory, a provider of quality custom DNA/RNA synthesis services, announced plans to develop the next level custom oligonucleotide synthesizer. The project, designated NANDA 400, will be capable of producing 200 grams of oligonucleotide, up to 40mer in length, per day. This platform will augment and compliment Oligo Factory’s current capability presently fulfilled by the QMaster GS system and QMaster AVA systems which produce up to 10 grams of purified Oligo. The synthesizer line, running on Validate™ Software, will provide a continuum of mass requirements from 100mg to 200 grams of purified product. These platforms and this next level platform currently satisfy the needs of oligonucleotide researchers migrating from analytical to process scales. Oligo Factory is a synthesis service facility that differentiates itself by providing state-of-the-art capability and high quality, through innovation in the area of custom synthesizer development. The founders of Oligo Factory are pioneers of synthesizer design with a history going back four decades. The most recent system, the QMaster AVA project, was launched last fall and went online in February. The expedited effort is to meet the needs of accelerating viral diagnostic and mRNA research. For more information, contact Chris Boggess, The Oligo Factory, 70 Bartzak Drive., Holliston, MA 01746, info@oligofactory.com , www.oligofactory.com