Common Modifications

We routinely deliver modified oligos with special bases, probes/quenchers, dU/dI, phosphorothioates, phosphorylation, spacers, amino linkers, disulfide linkers, biotin, etc. Our extensive history of delivering routine and complex oligos allows us to understand our customer’s needs.

Common Modifications Used in Custom Oligo Synthesis

  • 2′-OMe, 2′-MOE and 2′-Fl RNAs
  • Full or partial phosphorothioate linkages
  • C3-Amino, C6-Amino, C12-Amino
  • C-Spacers and PEG
  • DBCO and other linkers
  • FAM, ROX, Cy3, Cy5, BHQ, Alexa, and other fluorescent markers
  • BHQ, iQuench, and other quenchers
  • GalNAc and other cholesterols
  • LNAs and BNAs
  • C3-Thiol, C6-Thiol
  • Inverted nucleotides
  • 5′-phosphate
  • 5′-Biotin, 3′-Biotin, dT-Biotin
  • TBDMS, TOM and PivOM phosphoramidites
  • Post-synthesis modifications
  • and many more…

Do you need additional modifications not listed here?

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