Our Technology Makes a Difference

We have developed DNA/RNA synthesis equipment that is optimized for synthesis at the medium scale (10's of mgs to grams). Our synthesizer, the Q Master, features multiple monitoring modes, including colorimetric, gravimetric, and conductivity to ensure control and feedback of the synthesizer.

Using our unique trityl monitor control and feedback system, we can deliver varying volumes of detritylating solution to accommodate the different deprotection requirements for the specific monomer as well as lengthening deprotection times with longer oligos. Trityl control and monitor minimizes exposure to harse chemicals by optimizing the amount of delivered at each cycle. By delivering only what is required we maintain control on cost for this reagent. By optimizing acid delivery we achieve complete deprotection which results in optimized step wise coupling efficiencies and yields. With our ability to control acid delivery we do not compromise synthesis protocols.

Gravimetric control provides for positive verification of the delivery of reagents thereby ensuring built-in monitoring of critical reagents. Precise control of costly chemicals provides savings,  not afforded by conventional synthesizers, which we pass on to you. Additionally, gravimetric control provides feedback for cGMP documentation.

Gear PumpTurbulent Flow: The Q Master uses turbulent flow for reagent delivery rather than laminar flow. Turbulent flow is preferable to laminar flow as it facilitates mixing while laminar flow, provided by HPLC pumps, commonly used in conventional synthesizers, is fine for HPLC but is not ideal for chemical synthesis which requires mixing. The Q Master uses a gear pump to achieve the turbulent flow effect.

ValidateTM Software: The Q Master measures the delivery of critical reagents for a "closed loop" validation of operations, important for government documentation requirements. 

The Q Master DNA / RNA
Medium Scale Synthesizer

The final steps in our process result in your purifed oligo being ultrafiltered and lyophilized.

Your oligo is delivered in glass containers.

All samples requiring endotoxin testing are shipped in silanized glass containers
for enhanced resistance to toxins.