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CRISPR oligos now available. Please use our GET A QUOTE link above.

CRISPR oligos are RNA oligos that are predominantly comprised of natural RNA bases that are on the order of 100 bases in length. They have significant secondary structure which enable them to work with the CAS9 nuclease. These CRISPR oligos are extremely difficult to prepare synthetically due to the length and the complexity of purifying these oligos because of there extreme secondary structure. The Oligo Factory has developed synthetic protocols specific to synthesizing long RNA oligomers. Ultra high coupling efficiencies are required to make any oligo of significant length. In addition, long RNA oligos must be worked up in the most gentile process to preserve the sensitive bases. This gentile approach must be maintained through the purification process in order for these RNAs to survive.

The Oligo Factory can prepare mg to gram quantities of CRISPR oligos. Please request a QUOTE and be sure to add any special base or modification in the notes section of the form.

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