Our Synthesis Makes The Difference

Proprietary Oligo
Synthesis Equipment

Oligo Factory develops and utilizes proprietary oligo synthesis equipment optimized for synthesis at larger scales (10’s of mgs to 100’s of grams to kgs). Our new synthesizer suite, the NANDA Series, features multiple monitoring modes, including colorimetric, gravimetric, and conductivity to ensure maximum control and feedback of the synthesizer.

More Unique Features:
  • Enhanced trityl monitor control and feedback system to accommodate different deprotection requirements for the specific monomers as well as lengthening deprotection times with longer oligos. 
  • Gravimetric control to provide positive verification of the delivery of reagents ensuring built-in monitoring of critical reagents.
  • Precise control of costly chemicals which provides for better quality and cost-savings, not afforded by conventional synthesizers, which is passed on to our customers. 

Additional In-House Technology


Our synthesizers use turbulent flow for reagent delivery rather than laminar flow. Turbulent flow is the preferred method to properly facilitate mixing during the synthesis reagent delivery. Our synthesizers use an in-house modified gear pump to achieve the optimal turbulent flow effect.


Every synthesizer is controlled by our proprietary Validate™ software. While instrumental to driving an efficient synthesis, the software measures the delivery of critical reagents for a “closed loop” validation of operations, important for Quality management.


Oligo Factory uses several industry approved purifications via HPLC – both reverse-phase and ion-exchange. We also develop in-house options per customer requirement to maximize yield and purity needs.

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